Server Parts Intel D3-S4510 SSD HDD

Intel SSD 960GB SATA Enterprise HDD

Intel SSD 960GB SATA Enterprise HDD Model No : D3-S4510 compatible with existing SATA storage infrastructure. Intel SSD HDD consume 6X lower power than you existing mechanical drive. Also have 6X less cooling requirements. SSD HDD are comes support accelerate read-intensive workload with power efficient performance. Intel SSD SATA Enterprise HDD improve system reliability and reduce need for drive replacement.

Intel SSD 960GB SATA Enterprise HDD comes with 960GB storage capacity in 2.5″ SFF (small form factor) with SATA connective. It’s enterprise class rigid drive to support your server and workstation’s storage requirements.

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Specifications :

Product Category : SSD SATA HDD
Products Type : SSD D3-S4510 960GB HDD
Application : Server, Workstation & Storage
Brand : Intel
Part No : D3-S4510
Capacity : 960GB
Data Transfer Speed : 6Gbps
Connection Type : SATA 3.0
Form Factor : 2.5″ SFF – Small Form Factor, 7mm
Lithography Type : 3D Nand TLC
Sequential Read : 560 MB/s
Sequential Write : 510 MB/s
Random Read : 95000 IOPS
Random Write : 36000 IOPS
Power Active : 3.0W
Power Idel : 1.0W

Intel SSD 960GB SATA Enterprise HDD D3-S4510 support almost all type of Server, Workstation and Storage.

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